Sierra Mountain Landscaping

Let's Make Your Yard A Masterpiece

Founder / CEO


           Mason Plumstead started his landscaping journey when he was a very young boy working in the garden with his grandmother.   Starting his career at one of the prized Lake Tahoe hotels in landscaping while working his way through school, upon graduation Mason started Sierra Mountain Landscaping in the small town of Incline Village, NV.  Landscaping from Nevada to Florida, Mason has seen almost every aspect of landscaping.   With his long time love and passion for landscaping and landscape design, he strives to make every customer blown away by there reactions to there masterpiece. 

Noell Plumstead  is well known for her love and care for landscaping and transforming anyone's outdoors space into there dream masterpiece.  Having grown up in Lake Tahoe with her Husband Mason they have had many years of landscaping side by side.                     

Sierra Mountain Landscaping

With the love and care that not only our management holds dear, but all members of the company we put everything into every customers property.  We take great pride in our installations and continuous customers.  All of our employees are expected to be meticulous and focused on every aspect of the job from start to finish, with even the smallest details getting the same recognition as the overall appearance.  Here we have a few key aspects of our company that we all strive to meet.  First and foremost is Integrity.  Without honesty and trust in every member of our team we wouldn't be who we are today.  Secondly we all strive to have the highest amount of respect for not only our customers but each other.  Last but not least, Loyalty Is a key factor Sierra Mountain Landscaping works off of.  Everyday we show up to work knowing the other guy will be right next to you to assist in any way possible.   We truly hope every last customer has an unforgettable experience with us and continue to use our company for many years to come.  Let us make your yard a masterpiece.